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Hundreds of Forklifts

123Forklift carries a variety of different types of equipment. We have the largest stock of forklifts for any kind of job that your business requires. The forklifts in our inventory include all makes and models, as well as, all weight capacities, reach heights and fuel types. 123Forklift carries both new and used forklifts. Our used forklifts receive regular maintenance (in order to ensure that they are in working order) and are available at daily, weekly and monthly rates.

What We Carry

The name forklift can be deceiving because a forklift is not a generic title for equipment. The many different types of forklifts tailor to each job in the workforce. At 123Forklift, our inventory includes reach trucks, engine and electric forklifts, pallet trucks, boom lifts, order pickers, rough terrains, telehandlers and scissor lifts. Furthermore, the usefulness of a forklift expands even more with the addition of attachments. 123Forklift has hundreds of both new and used forklifts in our warehouses.

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Pick-Up and Go

The basic functions of a forklift are to lift/carry materials and to load/unload trucks. These functions can differ depending on which industry the forklift operates. In construction industries, for example, forklifts need to be able to carry heavy loads across rough terrain and long distances. In manufacturing, forklifts move over smoother surfaces to transport newly arriving goods to other parts of the warehouse (or move stored goods to awaiting trucks for distribution). Forklifts used in the food industry operate in comparable ways with the exception of needing to be electric powered. These are only a few of the applications for forklifts. Nearly every industry can benefit from utilizing a forklift for their business—especially by adding attachments.

Vertical Optimization

Forklifts can also optimize space within a warehouse. They do this though their ability to allow operators to stack materials. By allowing for vertical space usage rather than horizontal, warehouses and distribution centers can fit more stock into a confined space. While a standard sized forklift will allow warehouses to maximize space within their usable space, narrow-aisle forklifts can allow for even more storage space by allowing for more narrow aisles. Furthermore, the addition of a telescopic fork (more about attachments below) attachment can allow aisles to be “double-stacked” without the need of an aisle between rows.

Attachments Expand Usage

While this makes it seem as if forklifts can only perform these tasks, by adding attachments, the usage of forklifts greatly branches out and allows them to perform tasks that a stock forklift would not be able to perform. The most commonly used forklift attachment are sideshifters, rotators, fork positioners, roll and barrel clam attachments, man basket, telescopic forks, and scales. By adding a roll and barrel clamp attachment (which are either mechanical or hydraulic and squeeze items as they move to ensure a secure grip), for example, allows a forklift to be able to carry/ lift objects that normally would not possible. Moving spherical items, such as barrels, kegs and/or paper rolls, benefit from roll and barrel clamp attachments. Man basket attachments allow workers to get inside and rise into the air. Man basket attachments have railings to keep the worker from falling and brackets to attach safety harnesses. A strap or chain attaches a man basket to the carriage of a forklift. Adding scales to a forklift can allow workers to weigh their shipments quickly (and efficiently). The addition of the scales allows the operator to weigh shipments without disrupting the normal workflow—normally shipments would have to move to a secondary scale. The addition of scales not makes the process of loading/unloading run more smoothly, but it also makes things run more efficiently—and efficiency equals money.

123Forklift supplies new and used forklift models for any application, job or environment that your business needs. We have hundreds of forklifts in our inventory and that means that we can find the right forklift for your facility. For more information about our products or services ,
call 030-215 02 908 and one of our representatives will assist you.